Personal Development and Self Improvement Through Historical Application

A Foundation for Professional and Personal Development: A Guardian


Definition of a Guardian: A protector and leader, driven by a calling to constantly improve in order to safeguard and serve their family, their community, their sovereign and themselves. They are the people others will look to for leadership in times of stress or crisis. They provide solutions in chaotic and potentially dangerous environs. They stand as steadfast examples for others to venerate and emulate.

Do you have the makings of a Guardian and not even know it?
Other professionals are specialized for specific needs and may require expertise in certain areas. An infantryman must close with and destroy the enemy with all systems at his disposal. A counter-terrorist operator must maintain a surgical ability with small arms. A professional police officer must be proficient at non- lethal compliance, incarceration, and obviously the laws of the land. An intelligence operator must know clandestine operations. A Guardian however, must know at least the basics. Combining a physical readiness and situational awareness to be the most prepared for any contingency… a Guardian takes stock of assets, studies, trains and improves on what is required to lead and prevail in any situation.