Personal Development and Self Improvement Through Historical Application


Just so you know, I’m not a black-belt, MMA guy, or wanna-be Shaolin Monk here to tell you how studying martial arts will make you Kwai Chang Caine (for you old-timers), some Super-Ninja, or the next Jason Bourne…..nobody lives like that and anyone who tells you differently is selling you something.  I don’t profess how my secret training techniques will turn you into a Green Beret or Navy SEAL.  I also do not have my Phd in psychology, nor a best selling self-improvement program hawked by Oprah.

I am a former soldier, who has spent the last 24 years of his life attending the finest military schools and leadership institutions, both academic and tactical, and employing this training around the world in a few very difficult situations.  Part of this experience centered on educating and training would-be warriors.  I love history and learning from better people than me.  Given a passion for history, training, experience, and a reason to use it, I’ve always wanted to not only maintain, but also improve upon all the baseline qualities of “warriorship”.  That’s the real trick…always looking to get better through introspection, study and practice.

To that point,  I think continuous research, affirmation and training keeps the warrior sharp.  This is why I’ve created The Art of the Guardian, and hopefully a community…to share my expertise with like-minded people who want to contribute…people who want to be ready to stand and be counted when needed as a “protector”, as a Guardian.  I want you, and myself, to be ready to help the “little guy”, the people who simply can’t do it themselves…some would call them “the Oppressed”, but that may be too strong a term as I’m not looking to “Liberate” anyone, just ready to take charge and help when needed.

This is not intended to be a “life-coach” site, or an instruction manual of anything one thing specific. That has been done before by all sorts of self proclaimed improvement gurus, martial artists and security professionals. I am simply going to give my perspective of being a self-sufficient, productive and protective member of society, and have fun analyzing protectors throughout history.  I get a kick out of studying and doing the things that have made others successful in the past.  History is a great teacher.  Lessons of “warriorship”  can be applied, if not always directly, but effectively towards living a fulfilling life and contributing to society.  This is my little way of making the world a better place.

This idea is NOT intent on creating vigilantes, taking the law into their own hands, but fostering a vigilant class of responsible men and women.  And, by no means is this intended to be a complete instructional manual that will take you from zero to hero overnight.  By diligently applying some of the concepts herein, further researching and training with other professionals, and continuing to strive toward the ideals of a Guardian, I think we can turn out as steadfast protectors of  loved ones, your own self and of those who may not able to take care of themselves.