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If you had one piece of kit….?

knife-585890_1280Warrior and protectors in the past had one item they never left home without.  The knife, other than for simple cutting, was utilized for prying, digging, chopping and eating.  So it stands to reason that the first “guardian gear” review begins with one of the most iconic pieces of modern kit.  Whether you are in the sticks, or pounding asphalt, I would argue that perhaps the most consistently usable thing you can carry is the modern equivalent of the gentlemen’s blade,  that is, a good multi-tool.  Every first responder or ground-pounder I’ve ever known carries one.

Better than the pocket knives of old, the latest generation of utility blade along with a varied selection of files, screw driver tips, pliers and I suppose if  you really need it, toothpicks (!) offers you just the thing you need to cut, pry, squeeze, strip, pull, smooth, crimp…you get the idea.  But yeah, if you still need to pick your teeth, then I suppose the old standard Red Handle is for you! Go head and click the pic.

But, I can tell you from my own experience around the house or in the field, that the Leatherman is indispensable.  Every survival instructor I’ve ever had started off instruction with, “Always carry a good blade.”  Most Leathermans have at least two.  But here is the real lifesaver…. PLIERS!!   Tackling stripped screws, cranking on stubborn nuts, breaking tough knots, pulling sprinters, and even getting that last piece of jammed brass out of the ejector port…those needle nose pliers beat the hell out of the fold-out baby pliers that some pocket knives have.  Add that to the other components, and you’re living in high cotton compared to being without.

This thing easily fits into your pocket, on your belt, in your pack, or purse, ladies.  As a person of action, you don’t want to be left wanting!

I personally carry the Leatherman Wave, issued to me along with a pile of other freebees the last time I deployed.  The blade is sturdy, yet has a fine point for precision slicing or picking.  It folds out into pliers with a multi-gauge grip and wire cutter.
Besides a little pair of scissors, it sports two Phillips head and flat tip screw driver attachments, a standard screw driver, a can-opener, a serrated blade, file and a saw.  It hasn’t left my hip since I signed for it.  Oh yeah, the other cool thing I like about the one I was issued is that it can mount on your belt horizontally.  It just fits better on the small of your back.  But, there are plenty of other options to choose from, and given particular scenarios, you might think of buying more than one.

Frankly, I’m thinking of adding the Leatherman Skeletool 830846 to my kit.
It’s a little more slick, but it gives you what you need with a removable pocket clip and an easy, one-hand opening, partially serrated blade.  Doubling as a self defense weapon, that feature takes away the need to carry another folding blade.

Check out the affiliate-sponsored links  by clicking on the the pics for a few options.  Make your life easier.  Get prepared and make sure you have the right tool to do the job!


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