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Five Servicemen Dead at the Hands of Some Nut-bag

628x471Here we are again. More dead at the hands of someone with a warped sense of purpose and method.   Four Marines and one Sailor are dead because some nut-bag apparently wanted to martyr himself.  I’ve let this develop for a few days before commenting in order to allow more facts to come out, but I think now is the time to address this. Without even getting into the casus belli, I am yet again forced into thinking what could have been done to reduce the effectiveness of this irrecoverably brainwashed despondent with an AK.

Our servicemen and women shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked here at home.  This should be a safe zone.  I am but one of legions of prior servicemen who want to ensure our brothers and sisters can keep up the fight.  And while I’m willing to concede that in this situation there was an empty parking lot, with no one to notice, I can’t help but feel that a more vigilant society would have pounced this guy at some point.

Seems like every few months or so, there is something in the news that makes me ask “Didn’t anybody on the scene try to take that guy out….or draw fire…or call the cops when they saw something suspicious like a guy with an assault rifle get out of his car?  (exception to Fayetteville when somebody saw someone who turned out to be a soldier in civies carrying an assault rifle with ammo strapped to him, walking through the mall….bad decision making on that troop…).

Right, I understand, the Chattanooga incident is a relatively isolated case.  I understand that to walk around expecting this to happen “on your watch” is about as close to  paranoid psychosis as you can get.  The odds of this ever happening to you, or near enough to you where you could put any training or at least courageous action into effect are very low.  You probably have more of a chance of being killed by a cow (which by the way take more lives per year than sharks, or so I’ve heard).

But then again I think, who might have watched this happen?   Did they do anything?  What if someone with half a brain in their head, and heart in their chest, did something to stop that asshole from shooting up the recruiting station, and then apparently driving down the road to hurt more people?

I honestly expect that this will never happen to me or 99% of anyone reading this.  But what if there was that one person who would have had the skills and where-withall to maybe sense the threat, call the police, move others to safety, then I don’t know… position themselves to make an approach on an angle from which the shooter was not expecting, making use of cover, concealment and distraction, treading lightly to avoid detection, and then exploding, using all the force and power that had been trained over years on the track, in the gym or on the range, taking rapid and decisive action against that asshole?  I want more people to think like this.  Take action based on what you know you can do and what you know is right.

If you are ever confronted with a similar situation (and odds are you won’t), but IF…….or when you have to deal with something a lot less extreme, when no one else will step up….how will you have prepared yourself?  I want to talk about this.  I want to talk about what I think could make people more vigilant.  I want others to tell me if I’m misguided or how we could improve dialogue.    I want to open this dialogue and repository of information that guides and prepares you for action…just in case… how to not walk around this earth with your head in the sand…how to prepare your mind and body to be ready if…IF you need to react.  Personally, I never want to be found lacking if ever there was a chance to make a difference.

Please comment below and share.  Open a discussion.

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    I agree

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