Personal Development and Self Improvement Through Historical Application

Because the World Needs You: Self Improvement for the Protector

Why are you reading this?

Personal development; professional development; “warrior” training and development?  Something brought you to this section of the blogosphere that at its knight-91056_1280core stemmed from a desire to be something more.  It could be a desire to be a better protector of society as a public servant, soldier, police officer, or such, or just wanting to elevate yourself and station as a leader of people (as I have recently heard, “A Sheepdog amongst the Sheeple”) and a productive member of society.  You want to make yourself better…period.  As I have found, and you now might be researching, the warriors of antiquity offer something appealing to you. Whether it comes from the literary knights of story books, historical warriors, war stories of heroes currently defending the country, or simply a fascination of how dedicated, professional protectors of society carried out their daily lives, in and out of warfare and conquest, such a desire to find something you can use today has sparked in you an interest to emulate the ideals and practice of the protector… the Guardian.

I believGuard Doge that you and many others notice a hole in our modern society.  This hole is demonstrated by a general lack of civility, social laziness, and a tendency to look the other way when trouble arises. Granted, there are professionals within our country and community who are paid to protect us. While I’m sure many of them take their job seriously, I think that a sense of duty and honor is only held by a select few. Regardless of your standing in the community, you see the need for the everyday guardian.

Why does society need someone like you… a Guardian?  Simple.  The world needs people of action, especially now.  Without going into a long song and dance on the dangers and  decay of society, such a basic understanding seems obvious.  Look around or read the news and think about how many times you can ask, “What if somebody just stepped up and did something?”  Or “Where was that one guy when we needed him?”  How many times would a well intentioned individual with training and character have made the difference?  You don’t want to ask that question if you were on the scene.  You want to be that person, that one person, who when at the right place, at the right time can make all the difference.  And I’m willing to bet you want to discover how to be that person… to be prepared, take charge, and take care of business.

This blog is not simply meant to be a historical analysis of the ancient warrior, or a collection of references. iraq-80381_1280It’s a forum meant for me to pass on what I know, with a community of like-minded people, to better myself and offer a few tips, guidelines and analysis towards living life as a Guardian. In doing so, I hope to offer a place for discussion and opportunity to model the concepts and employment of techniques and gear that keeps us ready to react.  You have already recognized the need for such people, men or women, in this age and maybe want to gain some insight as to the techniques and tips toward your own development as a protector of society. It is my hope that the simplicity contained in these short “articles” is sufficient and straight forward enough for you to get right to the business of development.  Here you will get concepts, checklists, schedules and historical references to use in order to enhance your own program of personal development as a self appointed guardian.

I would be wrong by not adding this very important and qualifying disclaimer… by NO means am I trying to endorse vigilantism!  Here only am I trying to promote vigilance and a heightened way of living through a guided study of method and history.

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